Welcome to The Grand Advanture!

Slow Ride

A product of my hard work and perseverence, Slow Ride is the van that started it all. Once a mechanic's work van, it has become the weekend getaway machine I had imagined it to be when I bought it in August 2020. In addition to the homely additions, many modifications had to be made, simply to make the van a passable vehicle. Among other changes, the entire driver's side interior door panel was replaced, as well as the driver's side seat.

The living quarters of Slow Ride feature a composite countertop, fully functional sink, a modest solar battery system, memory foam mattress, propane heater, and butane cooktop stove. Additionally, there is plenty of storage under the bed for food, clothes, and other necessities, as well as a cooler for keeping food cold. Flooring is composed of OSB subflooring, with vinyl flooring on top. Almost all wood in the van is either plywood or reclaimed pallet wood, if not left over scraps of OSB.